I’m impressed by the Bear app’s ability to import and export an exceptionally wide range of file formats compared to the 20+ note-taking apps I looked…

December 2022

While my 2022 was busier than ever writing about space and lunar exploration, I did manage to put out some musings on the Internet about other things at…
Here are referral links to some products and services I recommend. If you sign up for any using their respective links below, you might get a decent…
That would be pretty rad, and the intriguing part is it’s almost there.

November 2022

For my friends on the Web.

October 2022

At the end of the day, people are what matter. And most of them digitally exist only on the popular digital social platforms.
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August 2022

Proposing a new kind of tool for deliberate discourse on the Internet.
It’s odd that we can watch over 10-30 minutes of videos with ease and silence but don’t have the patience to listen to someone for but two minutes in…

June 2022

A brief but clear guide.
The actual cut Patreon takes from us creators is far higher than the cleverly advertised ~8-10%, which isn’t low to begin with.