If WordPress.com is a silo, then so is Micro.blog (MB).

For example, for people logged into MB, the platform offers a “Follow” button, which is internal to the platform. Despite being the blog owner, you can not see the follower list. Your blog and MB profiles are separate things. You can’t export this list, so those followers are tied to your posts being on micro.blog forever.

The MB platform provides email subscription options for your blog, but the email subscription list is not exportable.

Essentially, you’re semi-locked-in regarding owning your relationship with your followers when you use MB.

This is why I’m now wholly invested in having a direct relationship with my readers based on open technologies that allow portability: Email and RSS. This is why I have self-hosted my blog on WordPress since 2003. And through the use of JetPack, I get to connect my blog to the entire user base of WordPress.com (close to 37 million).

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