How I organize notes for writing an article

A sneak peek.

Here's a sneak peek at how I gather and structure notes for writing each of my space exploration articles.

The tool you see in action is the wonderful Workflowy, which allows you to structure thoughts to multiple levels of depth, and get in and out of each thought stream near instantly, much like your brain would. Also like your brain, it lets you move and reclassify each bullet point from any hierarchy to another with a simple drag and drop, something I didn’t capture in the video. But unlike your brain, it allows you to tangibly see the entire structure of your notes at once.

Technology that meaningfully extends our capabilities, setting us free from our functional and creative limitations, is the technology we want. And Workflowy squarely fits that intent, unlike Instagram, which thrives by exploiting our shortcomings and psychological behaviors rooted in millions of years of evolution.

I recommend using a tool like Workflowy if you’d like to structure your thoughts too. Their free plan is somewhat limited so you can use this referral to increase those limits, or go paid to have practically unlimited storage and support the small team.