How to show a search icon instead of text on has a “Search page” plugin, which adds the ability to search within posts on your blog. When you install the plugin, it adds an entry in your menu bar with the text label “Search”.

I think it should instead display just a search icon, which is visually faster to recognize and takes up less space in the menu. Here’s how you can have that.

  • On your Dashboard, go to Design > Edit Custom Themes > Search page

  • Click the file named content/

  • Change the very first line from title: “Search” to title: “🔍”

  • Save your changes by clicking Update Template.

That’s it. Your menu should now display a search icon instead of text. As you can see, you can enter any other sutiable text there that you like.

Thoughts on Search in

I think something as fundamental as search should be baked into all blogs on Some themes on do have a search function powered by DuckDuckgo but it doesn’t work nearly as good as this plugin. It also takes the user to another website, which is jarring and potentially confusing to visitors.

Regardless, search shouldn’t be theme or plugin dependent. I’d like to see have this search plugin or equivalent functionality built-in. Such a feature could also power search results on the Archive page, giving users an easy and intuitive way to filter out content when they’re already in the mood to scan your blog.