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Also sets your web app's icon.
micro.blogโ€™s default posting options only allow you to either publish a post immediately or save it as a draft for you to manually publish when ready. โ€ฆ
Audio Insert the folllowing HTML tag into your post. You can optionally write text before or after it. <audio controls><source src="https://yoursite.coโ€ฆ has a neat feature where Webmention replies to your blog posts and microposts from across the Web can be displayed as comments below your poโ€ฆ has a โ€œSearch pageโ€ plugin, which adds the ability to search within posts on your blog. When you install the plugin, it adds an entry in youโ€ฆ has a plugin for Plausible Analytics that allows you see your blog stats. Itโ€™s simple to setup: just add your blogโ€™s domain name in the plugโ€ฆ
Using only HTML and CSS.
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